Bigbury on Sea Latest Weather forecast & Tidal information

Bigbury-on-Sea Weather: Overview

Bigbury On Sea, in South West England, enjoys a wonderful seaside climate with warm south-westerly winds often blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean. The combination of a coastal environment (with an abundance of water) and pleasant weather makes it a temperate place to live and arguably one of the best!


The tidal information is based on Salcombe the nearest recording station.


Bigbury-on-Sea Weather – Summer

The best time to visit is during months May, June, July, August, September and October when the average temperatures are at their most pleasant, with the lowest rainfall.

Typically, summers are warm with glorious sunshine but can sometimes be cloudy with rain. Light rain occasionally occurs on days like these, and summer rain is usually restricted to a few very wet days each year. The average July temperature is around 15-17ºC, although temperatures in excess of 30ºC are not unheard of.

Bigbury-on-Sea Weather – Winter

During winter, the South West is particularly mild for the UK. Typical winter weather in Devon and Cornwall being occasionally sunny with clouds and rain more common than cold, snow or ice.

The moors may have snow on them for many weeks in winter, but falls on the lower ground and near the sea occur on only a few days a year. Temperatures hover around a January average of 5ºC. Overnight temperatures often drop below freezing point, and ice and frosts are common.